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Physical Commissions Link –

Digital Commissions Link –

Sticker Commissions Link – In Progress

How My commissions work:

Step 1 – Text me through Esty messages, about character(s) so I can get back to you on if I would even be able to draw it

Step 2 – buy the product (with the variation you want). DISCRALMER: This is a COMMISION so you will get your product between 1-4 weeks as I draw it depending on what you requested

Step 3 – I will send you updates on your art as it’s being drawn throughEtsy message

Step 4 – I will send you your finished art piece physically or digitally (.png format) depending on what you requested



  • Original characters (OCs)
  • Portraits
  • Profile pictures / icons
  • Fan art
  • YouTube/ Twitch avatars
  • Game characters
  • Minecraft Skins
  • DnD characters


  • NSFW
  • Heavy gore
  • Mecha/ machine ( I’m willing to try with reference)
  • Furries (not my expertise)

The Do’s & Don’ts are just there to give you an idea of what I specialize at but if you have something else you would want me to draw let me know in a email! Also, my art is very stylized so don’t expect anything too realistic. To see how my art looks check out my YouTube or website for how my artwork looks

Once the sketch phase is approved no further changes can be made to the drawing after the line art and coloring without a fee. Changing poses after the line art and coloring stage would require me to go back and redraw, reline, and recolor sections. If we have agreed on the drawing beforehand then changes will cost a fee depending on the amount that needs to be redone.

I’ll keep you updates through Etsy messages with questions and progress pictures throughout the process so make sure to check your email.

After the Commission is completed and payed I will most likely post the art on my social media unless I’m told not to (because of a birthday or surprise etc.)So please let me know if you have any specifications for your commissions.


DISCRALMER: This is a COMMISION so you will get your product between 1-4 weeks as I draw it depending on what you requested

I have 3 slots open for commissions at a time and I will work on the commissions in the order I receive them. I’ll let you know when I begin working on a commission but please expect commissions to take 1week-1month depending on how much is in the commission since I’m also making videos on my channel as well.

Check out more of my work at:
YouTube – HoneyDropDraws
Website –

Terms Of Service
By commissioning me you understand and agree to the terms below:

-You may not resell, trace, copy, or heavily reference without permission
-You may not claim my art as your own
-You may not cancel a commission after I have started
-No Refunds
-You can not remove or cover my signature
-I still own the rights to my art and therefore can post the art to other platforms
-You may not use the art for commercial purposes

Once again Thank you!
I look forward to working with you!

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